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Digital and print writing and editing

Are you struggling with how to communicate what your organization does best? If the answer is yes, Jane Doucet can help. She crafts clean, concise content that captures your target audience’s attention to help you boost business. Whether she’s writing from scratch or editing existing content, she’ll find the most effective way to highlight your key messages. 


Our Services


Need a professional bio, a profile for an annual report or an e-newsletter story? Jane will deliver your content on time and on budget.


Just want a final fresh set of eyes to spot typos and grammatical mistakes? Jane is happy to simply provide a light touch, too.


Already have content drafted but don't feel it's powerful enough? Jane can help you improve it for optimal impact.


Not confident that your hyperlinks are accurate? Concerned about outdated information? Jane will triple check your content for you.

Here is some of the content Jane has delivered:

  • website content     

  • promotional materials

  • professional bios

  • business plans

  • brochures 

  • media/press releases

  • client/customer testimonials

  • academic papers

  • e-newsletter stories             

  • special projects and supplements

  • annual reports

  • RFPs


“With some consultants, there is a certain amount of hand holding that you expect to have to do, but Jane has a knack for hearing the brief and making it a reality. When I’ve worked with her, she did the job quickly, there were very few revisions and everyone was beyond happy with the result.”

Erin Crosby

Associate Advisor, Tenant Advisory
 Partners Corporate Global Real Estate

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